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Did You Know ...

  • Synthetic lawns are very pet friendly?

  • Installing a synthetic lawn can earn you 4-7 LEED points for Green Building Standards?

  • Synthetic lawns are ideal for allergy sufferers?


Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic lawns are the wave of the future and Sunset Landscape’s area of expertise. We have years of experience and hundreds of local and statewide clients. We set the standard for professional craftsmanship where many other companies lack the experience necessary to make your installation look it’s best.  We're so confident about the skill and final result of our installations that we fully guarantee our workmanship. View our Photo Gallery. Contact us for a free quote.  

Why Choose Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic lawns are becoming an increasingly popular option for home and commercial use as their aesthetic quality and functionality are being discovered and it becomes less conscionable to waste the large volume of water sod lawns require.  Modern technology has brought some of the most realistic synthetic lawns to the market.  They are environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at, and allow the owner to do away with the maintenance, expense and hassles that sod lawns produce.  No dead spots, gophers, fertilizers, patching, reseeding or need to aerate.    Synthetic lawns are also a benefit to those with allergies.  And because they drain rainwater away, they are beautiful and usable all year round – no puddles or muddy mess in the winter. 

Why Choose Sunset Landscape Synthetic Lawns?


We Know the Difference Between 'Getting it in There' and 'Getting it Right'.

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The quality of the grass and care of installation make all the difference.  There are cheap imitations of grass  that look imitations.  And there are many installers who are not properly trained and leave behind a lawn with a flat, carpet like appearance, sometimes with seams visible.  Then there are the large franchise installers for synthetic turf that take the ‘machine installation’ approach  without the care to craftsmanship and detail that Sunset Landscape puts into each installation.   They cost more and do less. 

We also have the significant benefit of not being contracted with any one particular turf supply company.  Having the option to choose from many means we can recommend and supply you with the very best turf for your particular project.   We recognize and respect that any landscape or home improvement project is an investment, and think it’s in the client’s best interest to have the best selection available. 

How Long Will it Last?

Synthetic turf is made to endure.  The average lifespan varies between manufacturers, but the range is between 10 and 20 years, ‘or longer.’  Warranties on the material specifically cover against any fading, and high quality synthetic turf has no problem with life’s wears and tears of children, pets, lawn furniture, parties and sports. 

What About Pets?

Synthetic lawns are pet friendly.  The material has built in drainage, and is installed over a base that allows pet urine to be diluted and washed away.  The expected maintenance of poop scooping should also be combined with periodically spraying down the surface of the lawn, or if desired, installing an automatic sprinkler system for that purpose.   Sunset Landscape has installed many lawns for satisfied pet owners.   

What About Drainage?

Synthetic grass drains through heat perforated holes in the turf that sends the water down into the base below.  Prior to installation, we carefully adjust the grading of the project site to accommodate proper drainage.  Once installed, the lawns don’t leave any standing water and can be used all year round. 

What About Gophers and Weeds?

If you live in an area prone to high gopher activity, it’s recommended that either geotextile filterfabric or gopher wire be installed underneath the base for the lawn.  With these in place, a synthetic lawn is undisturbed by gophers.  Weeds are not typically a problem in artificial lawns as the baserock beneath the lawns does not facilitate them.  Occasionally in high weed areas, a seed or two can find a way to germinate, which gives the choice of either leaving it for an added touch of realism or weeding it.   

What About Heat?

Synthetic lawns respond to intense, direct heat from the sun by getting hot.  If use on the lawn in such circumstances is desired, spraying the lawn with cold water has an immediate cooling effect.   

What About Lead?

At one time there was concern about lead being found in artificial lawns, but extensive testing has found that this is not a danger.   To read about the tests and the conclusion of synthetic turf’s safety, click here

What’s it Made Of?

Most of the synthetic turf we use is made of UV coated polyethylene, with nylon infill.  For those interested, installing a synthetic lawn can earn you 4-7 points towards LEED certification (Green Building Standard.) 

What are the Differences in Types of Grass?

Grasses can very in composition, height, weight, texture and color. Which type of grass is chosen can depend on one’s budget and the application.  We can help you determine the best fit for your project. 

What About ‘Infill?’

Older synthetic lawns used to require an infill of some kind (crumb rubber, sand, etc) to weigh them down and make them softer.  The newest synthetic lawns no longer require these, however, as they have nylon infill woven into them at the base, eliminating any need for a separate infill. 

Does it Need Maintenance?

Synthetic lawns need little maintenance.  If installed in a low traffic application, blowing or sweeping leaves off occasionally is all that’s needed.  In high traffic applications, it may be necessary to rake or brush the grass a few times a year. 

What Guarantee Does Sunset Landscape Offer?

Sunset Landscape is confident in our workmanship, and we fully guarantee all aspects of the installation for 1 year after the installation is complete.  Additionally, synthetic turf materials come with a warranty of 8-10 years, depending on the manufacturer.   

What About Rebates from Water Districts?

As the water saving and environmentally friendly effects of synthetic lawns are registering, more and more water districts are offering rebates for their installation, some up to $2/sq ft.  You can call your water district and inquire about whether or not they have this available.  If they do, Sunset Landscape will provide you with a receipt specific to water rebates to turn in. 

Visit our Photo Gallery of of installed lawns.

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