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Professional Landscape Design and Installation
Whether your project and vision are small or large, Sunset Landscape covers all aspects of landscaping with attention to detail and quality. Designs are created to reflect your personal taste and style, and high quality, carefully selected plants and materials are a priority with every project. Visit our Gallery.

Interlocking Paver Example

Interlocking Paving Stones
These are a beautiful and popular choice today. The effect of replacing a traditional cement or asphalt driveway with interlocking pavers is pleasingly dramatic, and adds significantly to the value of your home. Unlike concrete and asphalt, this durable material never cracks or crumbles. Courtyards, winding pathways, and parking areas are also beautifully done in this versatile material. A wide range of colors and styles make it possible to match your home perfectly. Visit our Gallery .

Synthetic Putting Green Example

Synthetic Putting Greens
You can enjoy your own putting green at home.  In addition to being able to practice your putt whenever the urge strikes, you'll increase the value and beauty of your home with a custom made putting green.  Sunset Landscape can install any size or type of putting green you're looking for. Visit our Gallery

Low Volt Lighting Example

Low Volt Lighting Systems
Whether entertaining friends for a weekend party or just relaxing outdoors after work, nothing shows off your landscape at night like accent lighting. From practical pathway light requirements to ‘artificial moonlight,’ illuminating your water feature, lighting up the 50ft Birch tree or creating ambiance around a Jacuzzi, the right lighting system can be designed and installed for your landscape. Sunset Landscape uses the best techniques and most attractive, high quality lighting products to ensure a result that will last beautifully for years to come.

Retaining Wall Example

Retaining Walls
These hardscaping additions made of wood, stone, or cement block can add both necessary function and impressive aesthetics to your landscape. Care is given to the proper construction and drainage. Visit our Gallery

Theme Garden Example

Specialty Plantings and Theme Gardens
Wetland water gardens and pond ecosystems, rose or cottage gardens, drought tolerant, high color, organic/native, ……whatever style you’re looking for can be implemented with quality and unique touches. Visit our Gallery

Fence Example

Sunset Landscape installs just about every type of fence for utility, security, and aesthetic purposes. Cast iron, picket, redwood, aluminum with or without stone pillars, security gates and more. Visit our Gallery

Water Features Example

Water Features
Water adds an exciting element to many landscapes. Natural waterfalls and streams, ponds, wetlands, and even fountains can be integrated into your landscape with beautiful results. Sunset Landscape uses Aquascape Designs™ high quality pumps, biological filters, EPDM liners and water maintenance products. Visit our Gallery

Sod Lawn Example

Sod Lawns and Irrigation
Sunset Landscape has extensive experience with sod lawns and their automatic irrigation systems, including the knowledge of little details that make for a higher quality lawn with better long term results.Visit our

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